"Keep your service department full and active, with your customers happy."

A service center is another essential driving force of any dealership.   Not only sell your parts and units but control and leverage internal resources to provide outstanding customer service. Provide general maintence or service repairs with internal or external costing.

Keep those service bays full and active, while never missing a part or over schedule your mechanics.  Utilize the visual scheduler to quickly and easily add service appointments.  Know when your bays are full and fill out your week with work to be done.

Satisfy and organize your client's needs with ease.  Create customizable work order templates for your standard or repeated services, such as PDI or winterizing work orders.

Are you creating separate work orders for internal, external and warranty work? No more! Create one work order and choose what work order types you wish to print.  Spend less time managing the service and more time providing the repairs.

From sales to service, Peartree Dealership has you covered

Calendar Scheduler

Access your full calendar year with the monthly visual scheduler.  Set up daily bookings and appointments for service to new and returning customers.  Manage what mechanics and time slots are available each day to maximize your service department.

Add Images

Add depth to the information you collect.  Take a picture from your device or phone using Peartree and directly attach it to a quote or work order.

Work Orders

Directly from the scheduler create work orders for the parts, labour, and any warranty service required.  Open, create, cancel and close work orders with ease.  Take payments and deposits, track customers and unit service history.

Customizable Templates

Create preconfigured templates for common work orders.  Have templates for those regular service requests, such as oil changes or tires, to quickly generate an active work order without re-entering the same information over and over.

Track efficiency in Service

Generate the reports you need to track productivity and efficiency. Reduce unneeded costs by managing mechanic time, labour codes, work in progress and all other costs associated to providing service.  Track unpaid warranties and verify internal work orders to better manage costs.

Relax, all of the accounting is done

No extra accounting work is needed!  With all the moving parts of a service transaction you can be sure that the behind the scenes accounting activity is always accurate.

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