"Manage inventory costs and make the best purchase orders you can."

How many times have you forgotten to purchase replacement parts because things got too busy, or you lost that little yellow sticky note. Running out of parts can be history with Peartree Dealership and the integrated Purchasing Module.

As you create a work order and reach a customizable minimum quantity of that stock, a window will pop up to inform you of said thresh hold and whether now is the time you'd like to order more.  One click and the system automatically adds your typical purchase quantity to a new purchase order from your preferred vendor or manufacturer.  It is this simple automation designed to make your job easier.

The integrated nature of Peartree Dealership allows you to quickly get your customer through the sale, all while ensuring you have access to all relevent information so you know your costs, and margins right in front of you.

Lead to final sale, Peartree Dealership has you covered

Automatically replenish inventory

Automatic notifications of depleting inventory that may need a new purchase order.  Maintain your parts inventory with ease and automate much of the process.

Create Purchase Orders

Create new purchase orders from your primary vendors/suppliers.  Send purchase requests to refill your inventory.

Process Purchase Orders

Receive your inventory orders after a PO was sent.  Easily update your inventory and track the costs.  Automatically create a corresponding invoice.

Vendor & Manufacturer control

Have complete control over vendors, suppliers and manufacturers used in your regular process.  Update and add new vendors to make the best purchases.

Control Costs

Make purchases only when required, from the best priced supplier.  Don't over stock or settle on a price.  Standardize your purchase orders for reliable orders.

Relax, all of the accounting is done

No extra accounting work is needed since everything is completely integrated into the accounting systems. Automated AP/AR invoices flow through.

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