Customer Relations Management


"Building customer rapport, tracking leads, and creating success."

In today's competitive environment, finding and keeping customers is more critical than ever.  It is also less costly to retain existing customers than it is to find new ones.  Our CRM module has been developed as a strategic tool for you to track prospect data, create quotes and initialize sales. The prospect buys the unit and instantly they are now a customer, no need to re-enter data and you have the history of their purchase for years to come.

Peartree Dealership’s Customer Relations Management (CRM) module has been developed as a strategic tool for your business to approach customer relations systematically and efficiently.

  • Our integrated system makes finding and keeping customers easy, effective and efficient.
  • Match your customer’s needs with your product and service offerings.
  • Analyze the data to identify your best customers.
  • Enrich and individualize customer contact.
  • Manage marketing campaigns.
  • Reduce customer response times and serve wider geographical regions.

Central Database: All employees can access a central database to view and update prospect data, ultimately improving service, loyalty, and retention.

Lead Tracking: Track leads from start to close while analyzing closing probabilities and ratios. Proposals, products and pricing for each lead can be tracked. Track key customer information such as contacts, communications, accounts, buying histories and preferences.

The integrated nature of Peartree Dealership allows you to quickly get your customer through the sale, all while ensuring you have access to all relevent information so you know your costs, and margins right in front of you.

From prospect to paying customer, Peartree Dealership has you covered

Track Leads

Follow up on potential prospects and interest in any unit or product.  Have your sales force track leads and customers for service requirements, purchase suggestions and other sales activity.

Develop Prospects

When developing prospects collect all the information you can!  What are they looking for? What are they selling? Track your sales phases as you continue a relationship with your prospects.  When successful easily convert prospects into active customers directly from CRM.

Active Sales Actions

Maintain notes and track sales activity on all leads, prospects and future or past customers.  Make the appropriate action on each individual basis to always have an active sales team.

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