"Retail sales done easy, a point of sale package built in."

You want a POS system that is easy and intuitive to use. With Peartree Dealership you can complete transactions in seconds.  The ideal POS system is built in. Run a barcode system or a simple search and process.  Make over the counter transactions efficient to drive peripheral sales and clear that inventory shelf.

Easily sell parts or add to a service order.  Create special orders to always keep sales available.  The integrated modules across all departments manage and keep parts inventory counts accurate.

The integrated nature of Peartree Dealership allows you to quickly get your customer through the sale, all while ensuring you have access to all relevent information to give the best customer experience where it counts.

From the shelf to the customer, Peartree Dealership has you covered

Sell parts with POS

Utilize the built-in point of sale system to drive your part sales!  Selling parts is quick and easy.  Manage both inventory and sales with a barcode system to simplify your sales process.  Access sales information by product or customer right at the sales counter.

Special Orders

Is your customer interested in a part that you may not hold or currently don't have in stock?  Special orders allow you to make the sale, take a deposit and purchase the part(s) all at once.  Creating a special order automatically attaches the part(s) to an unreleased purchase order or will generate a new one for the appropriate vendor/manufacturer.  Never let your customer leave without what they need!

Part Sales Reports

Extensive reporting capabilities. Access your daily reports and a complete index of sales reports. Including sales summaries by product, date, or customer; special order reports on deposits, or outstanding orders; customer listings; and more!

Hooked into Inventory

The integrated nature of Peartree always keeps your inventory accurate and up to date throughout the daily sales process.  Sell your parts and automatically deplete stock counts without having to worry about inaccuracy.

Relax, all of the accounting is done

No extra accounting work is needed! The solution automatically generates required GL activity while you conduct daily sales.  All tied neatly together, the accounting is done.

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