Peartree Dealership

The complete and fully integrated modern dealership solution designed to make running and managing your business:

affordable - intuitive - efficient

Think Uncomplicated

The daily processes of a modern dealership do not have to be daunting, complicated and time consuming.  Allow the seamless integration of Peartree Dealership to synthesize and energize your operation.

Think Information

Today's dealerships collect, generate and use a lot of information to operate.  Peartree Dealership centralizes, structures and delivers all of the necessary information to make the best decisions at the right time.

Think Web-based

Our native web solution simplifies the installation and allows you to access your system from any computer connected to the internet.  Updates to your clients and servers are automatic.  Run the paperless office from anywhere!

Think Cloud

Focus on your business and not the technology to operate it. Your server can be hosted in our secure cloud and you will never worry. Automated updates and 24/7 support will always keep your business operational.  Peartree Dealership is offered in a cloud based or traditional on premise configuration.

Think Partnership

More than a solution provider, Peartree is your partner committed to helping you succeed.  Develop a strategic partnership today!

Dealership Management Simplified

Integrated, modular, intuitive design
Cloud or on premise implementation
Customizable reporting and dash-boarding
Automated scheduled processing
24/7 Customer Support
Web interface with zero client deployment
Scalable to any size of dealership with any product mix
Comprehensive internal and external messaging
Syndication and feed support
Affordable price with flexible payment options



You have to see it

We know that seeing is believing. Read all you want, but you'll need to see things in action to make a decision.

We’re so confident that our system can meet your needs that we are willing to give you access to a demo system to see for yourself. Complete the details below and we’ll be in touch to set an overview of the system.  Afterwards we'll even provide you access to our online demo account so that you can explore all the features and functions at your own pace.

Peartree gives you insight into your business that you haven't seen before

Help optimize the utilization of your resources and investments
Keep track of inventory, to help develop better purchasing decisions

Track customers to learn how valuable they are to you

Keep your accountant happy - produce a fully auditable GL without the hassle of regular posting
... and so much more

We throw it all in, at one low monthly cost with flexible payment options. Peartree Dealership is affordable and complete!

AEC-Horizontal-largeBeing a small, independent car dealership is hard. Lots of balls to keep in the air on a daily basis, and without the ability to hire full time accountants - Peartree DMS has made our lives 100 times better. We are able to better track our sales and services, and at the end of the day it allows us to better focus on our customers, rather than paperwork.

We are an RV Dealer in Whitby Ontario who has been fully computerized since 1988, departmentalized and with full accounting intergration. In 2007, we upgraded our twenty year old software to Peartree and we did because using html based software allowed us to intergrate with our suppliers and we needed to upgrade to current operating systems to be able to export/import information at the desktop level. We chose Peartree because didn't lose any information and were able to reference old and new data at the same time, very easy. We liked the customizable options with Peartree that allowed it to conform to our procedures, not the other way around! Implementation was time consuming in the sense we had to set up new codes and some new processes. We expected this no matter what software we purchased. Most dealerships dont spend enough time on this and have issues because of lack of training. Peartree did a great job of working with us to train our people. We use the software completely, other than the payroll module as we use an off-site company for payroll. In closing, we would and have reccomended Peartree to several RV dealerships who have gone ahead and purchased with success. Brad C.


Peartree Dealership Management System

Manage your whole dealership simply and effectively, without breaking the bank

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About Peartree Dealership & Blue Skies Business Solutions Inc.

Blue Skies is a one-stop provider and partner to SME's, offering consulting services and solutions, including the Peartree DMS, a feature rich, modular, integrated solution servicing the needs of dealerships, distributors, and retailers across North America.