"Track and control your stocks, units and parts at your finger tips."

From one screen, instantly view all required unit information including multiple serial numbers, specifications for creating window stickers, lot location, warrant information and more. Unit inventory tracks list price, dealer price, base price and cost line.  Want to see more cost details on a unit? Drill down to see work orders against the unit. Print a delivery report or use the deal calculator directly from Unit Inventory.

Peartree Dealership’s Inventory Module helps you track where stock is, what is being used, and when and what you need more of. With reporting, customizable count sheets and automated purchasing, Peartree Dealership is the perfect inventory tracking system.

Reporting: Extensive reporting capabilities allow you to produce clear, accurate reports by vendor class, department and more. Export to Microsoft Excel for further manipulation of data if desired.

Tracking: Your employees will have access to real time information as a basis for decision making. Know exactly what your unit and part inventory levels are. Peartree Dealership will notify you when certain stock is low and keeps your physical inventory levels up to date in the system. Never run out of a part or double count stock items.

Inventory Management: Extensive inventory management tools make it easy to order, receive, count, and track your entire inventory with the Inventory and Purchasing Modules.

The integrated nature of Peartree Dealership allows you to quickly get your customer through the sale, all while ensuring you have access to all relevent information so you know your costs, and margins right in front of you.

Lead to final sale, Peartree Dealership has you covered

Unit Control

Full unit control allows you to update, add and edit units as required.  Update costs and add-ons all from the inventory side.

Parts Control

Like units, full parts control is at your finger tips.  Add new stock, manage quantity of parts, and control costs.

Inventory Counts

Inventory can be done with ease.  Use the system to update inventory counts and on-hand quantity.  Walk through your dealership and know what you really have.

Discrepancy reports

Peartree solution measures your updated counts to old counts to give accurate and correctable reports.  Make sure you inventory is controlled and up to date.

Automate replenish stock

During part sales be aware of when a part may be out of stock or low quantity.  Quickly allow the solution to make purchase orders on the fly for a part just being sold.

Relax, all of the accounting is done

No extra accounting work is needed since everything is completely integrated into the accounting systems. Automated AP/AR invoices flow through.

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