Peartree for Auto and Truck Dealers

Create the competitive advantage your dealership needs!

Managing a fast paced modern dealership requires the sales team to build deals and win clients trust quickly without producing costly errors. Unit sales done easy.  Create sales that effectively drive profits and manage costs. 

Managing your dealership has never been easier.  Seamlessly leverage your asset information to make the best business decisions.

Get the most out of your DMS.  The intuitive design allows for a 360-degree perspective of your dealership. Functionality suited for the daily demands of any dealer.  Initialize sales, calculate margins, close deals and process payments all in one.  We know how you operate.

Peartree is designed a to manage your business, big or small.





Perfect for Independent or Franchise Automobile Dealerships.

Peartree is a completely integrated solution.   Unit and part sales tied to your service and repair center, exchanging information in real time.  Add costs on a repair part your mechanics just installed for a trade in or used vehicle sale.  Track your clients purchase and service history and really start building the rapport needed to drive your business.

Complete financials - AP and AR integrated with all modules.  "Drill down" into any transaction for an accurate and transparent daily operation.

Most cost effective and feature rich dealership management system on the market.  Customizable templates and reporting. 

Free upgrades and enhancements for life!  We look out for your bottom line. 

Peartree Dealership manages all aspects of your Auto and Truck operation

Complete Web solution.  Full native integration, seamlessly connects your sales department, service department, customer service and accounting.

Scalable to any size dealership.  Flexible and intuitive design.

From service to delivery to follow up, our solution does it all.

Adding more value through syndications and integrations with our partners Dealertrack, autoTRADER, RV Hotline, RV Soft and Quantech F & I.

Providing industry standard tools and support to help you to be the dealer you want to be!

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